Acoustic Diffusers are an excellent solution for treating distortion such as comb filtering and flutter echo in musical detail, vocal clarity and response cancellations.

The distortion which is caused by slap echo and comb filtering in musical detail, vocal clarity and response cancellations can be controlled with an Acoustic Diffuser, which diffuses sound. They are particularly good for acoustic diffusion in a home studio to make the room sound larger. Acoustic diffuser panels (also spelled "diffusor") give your recording studio or listening environment a sense of spaciousness in your music by addressing distortion issues without deadening the room too much.

GIK Acoustics is proud of our attractive line of sound diffuser products. Our sound diffusion panels are a proven, cost-effective solution for recording studios, 2-channel listening rooms, home theaters, and many more applications.


Improve Sound Quality

Diffusors scatter sound across two planes: horizontal (left & right) and vertical (up & down). This two-dimensional scattering broadens the soundscape and makes a room sound larger.

Look Good

Our acoustic diffusers and our new combination absorber / acoustic diffuser products give your room and your audio some extra texture that looks and sounds incredible.

Quality Materials

Crossbanded layers and balanced construction mean that hardwood plywood won't shrink, swell or warp as much as lumber. We at GIK Acoustics use various materials such as Thermally fused melamine paper applied to medium density fibreboard (MDF), EPS (expanded polystyrene), thin wood poly, and high quality wood laminates. We can allow for extremely tight and repeatable tolerances for an excellent fit and finish at an extremely competitive price using CNC machines.


GIK Acoustics diffusion products come with sawtooth hanger for mounting to a wall, while some products such as the PolyFusor and the Q7D can be utilized as free-standing diffusors.

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GIK Acoustic Polyfusers are available with different fabrics.