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Alpha Series Acoustic Panel Diffuser/Absorber

Alpha Series Acoustic Panel Diffuser/Absorber

Alpha Series Acoustic Foam Panel features an aesthetically and acoustically superior acoustic panel that provides a combination diffusion and absorption. Made with acoustic foam absorption material finished with an attractive plate which has a mathematical sequence of slots for either one-dimensional scattering/diffusion or two-dimensional scattering/diffusion.


Sold individually.


    • Highest absorption coefficient on the market for acoustic foam products
    • Dimensions: 58mm x 580mm x 580mm
    • Standard Weight: 1.2 kg
    • 12 beautiful patterns to choose from which will enhance any space
    • Rigid plate available in 5 finishes
    • Wall or ceiling mounted using Adhesive Spray


    The Impression Series is ideal for creating an even balance of low-mid absorption without losing high frequency presence. The Impression Series features beautifully decorative, semi-reflective rigid plates attached to absorptive acoustic foam panels. The rigid plate not only gives the panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter high frequency content in your room giving the proper balance needed.


    Half the battle when treating small rooms is to obtain a smooth bass response without over-dampening the high-end. A room filled with full range absorptive panels will absorb too much of the high frequency content, resulting in a dull and muddy room response. Finding an even balance of low-mid absorption while maintaining the high-end will yield maximized results.


    The Impression Series not only performs well in critical listening environments (audio rooms or studios) but is a perfect fit for any room in your home. They are also ideal for public places where the room acoustics interfere with your enjoyment. It could be your workplace or a local restaurant where speech intelligibility is compromised or the room has too much reverberation and is too loud. Whatever the space – living room, an office conference room, restaurant dining room, meeting room, hotel lobby, house of worship, lecture hall, or school cafeteria – balancing room acoustics is vital.


    The Impression Series panels are ideal to create balance and remove reverberance, AND the stylish patterns deliver a beautiful visual statement to enhance any room.


    The rigid plates are similar to those used on our Alpha Series and work like a range limiter as they reflect high frequency content to retain life inside the room. In addition, the plates provide a scattering effect from the cutout pattern.



    Each acoustic foam panel comes with a backing plate and loose sawtooth bars for you to place them however best suits your situation.