242 Acoustic Panel

Ideal in 2-channel listening rooms, recording studios, restaurants, home theaters, and sanctuaries, the 67mm thick and easily mountable 242 Acoustic Panels are an excellent choice for acoustically treating early reflection points, flutter echo, or general decay in a room. Our most versatile sound absorbing panels, the 242 acoustic panels are used to reduce noise in environments where sound clarity is important. Find more information below.


To provide our customers with the best possible shipping value, the 242 Acoustic Panel is packaged in multiples per box.


Square & Narrow: 4 panels per Box.

Rectangle: 3 panels per Box.


Pricing is per box and includes GST!


    Our 242 acoustic panels are an excellent choice for early reflection points, flutter echo, or general decay in a room. Every room has it’s own size and shape, so we have created 3 basic shapes for 242 panels, as well as custom sizes to fit your space.


    Ideal in 2-channel listening rooms, recording studios, restaurants, home theaters, and sanctuaries.


    242 acoustic panels are made with a rigid frame for easy hanging from a wall or ceiling, and includes an air gap for added absorption. The acoustic panel’s properties come from the core, which is made from 100% recycled materials that include no formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde.


    CORE Rigid rock mineral wool provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products.
    DESIGN 67mm thick with a patented two-frame system including a rigid absorptive core and built-in air gapIntegrated back wire for easy hanging like a picture frameOpen back for sitting flush against a wallStrong frame allows for free-standing integration with metal stands or boom stand brackets (boom stand not included) or to be hanging from a ceiling as a cloud ceiling.

    Square/Narrow = 2kg

    Rectangle = 4kg

    NRC 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)

    Class A fire rated – Click HERE for Fire Rating test results

    ECOSE® technology absorption material

    LEED  certified Columbia Forest Products (made in the USA)

    Purebond formaldehyde-free technology

    Quality hand-made construction and craftsmanship


    Square 600mm x 600mm

    Rectangle 600mm x 1200mm

    Narrow 300mm x 1200mm

    Custom sizes up to 244cm x 122cm


    Install on a ceiling with optional Cloud Mounting Bracket© as a cloud ceiling in order to tame prime or secondary reflections


    Mount at the primary and secondary reflection points on the walls

    Open back not only allows absorption of lower frequencies with an air gap, but also to allow the panel to sit flush against the wall.


    Straddling corners as free-standing panels with metal stands or boom stand brackets(boom stand not included)


    Create an ArtPanel using the 242 by printing custom artwork



    Full 242 Acoustic Panel Test Results
    Full 242 Acoustic Panel Datasheet UK


    The tests were carried out in the large reverberation room at the University of Salford (Manchester England). The room has been designed with hard surfaces and non-parallel walls to give long empty room reverberation times with uniform decays. It has the shape of a truncated wedge. In addition, 11 panels, each 1.22m x 2.44m, were hung in the room to improve the diffusivity of the sound field. The test sample was placed in the centre of the floor.


    The excitation signal comprised wide band random noise played into the room via a loudspeaker system mounted in a cabinet facing a corner. The sound was monitored at each of 5 microphone positions. The room is 7.4m long x ~6.6m wide x 4.5m high.


    The optional Scatter Plate adds built-in scattering to your panels.


    Broadband treatments offer great performance with an attractive price and when coupled with diffusion and scattering, can give your room a completely balanced sound throughout, without over-dampening high frequencies.

    Price is Rs. 5,500 per plate/panel, and can be ordered as a seperate product.

    The GIK Acoustics built-in Scatter Plate option allows even decay time from low to high frequencies while providing the necessary space for absorption to flatten the frequency response. 


    GIK Acoustics is proud to offer the built-in Scatter Plate option – a wooden plate crafted with a mathematical sequence of slots that adds one-dimensional scattering / diffusion. The Scatter Plate is built-in between the fabric and the absorption material on GIK’s 242 Acoustic Panel, 244 Bass Trap, Monster Bass Trap, Tri-Trap or ArtPanel.  Scatter Plates weigh 3.5kg each.


    The concept of the Scatter Plate follows that of professionally designed control rooms and tracking rooms which utilize wooden slats along the walls in front of broadband absorption to give an even balance of absorption, diffusion, and scattering. Scattering high frequencies with the use of wood slats, in a mathematical sequence allows you to achieve an even decay time from low to high frequencies, while providing you the necessary space for absorption to flatten the frequency response.


    GIK Acoustics’ broadband bass traps and acoustic panels offer great performance with an attractive price, and when coupled with diffusion and scattering can give your room a completely balanced sound without over-dampening high frequencies. The GIK Acoustics Scatter Plate sequence prevents periodicity, while giving great scattering from 2.5 kHz up to and above 10 kHz.

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