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CT Alpha PRO Serier Corner Trap

CT Alpha PRO Serier Corner Trap

Low end sound waves reflect off walls, floors, and ceilings yet collect in corners where the boundaries meet. The amount of bass in one corner can vary from the amount of bass buildup in another due to things like monitor and subwoofer placement as well as room structure. GIK Acoustics has developed the Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap to deal with varying levels of reflection in corners.


Constructed with a solid core, Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is freestanding and able to hold up to 22.5 kgs in weight. The clean, professional design means it does not have to be mounted to the wall or corners and is stackable for floor-to-ceiling coverage.


The Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap features an attractive plate crafted with your choice of one-dimensional or two-dimensional scattering / diffusion sequences. Behind the fabric is a solid core of rigid rockwool – NOT FOAM – for true absorption.


To provide our customers with the best possible value, the CT Alpha Bass Trap is packaged in pairs


Pricing is per box of two traps, and includes GST!


    The GIK Acoustics Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap is intended to be freestanding or stacked floor-to-ceiling. However if you wish to mount a Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap in a wall-to-wall corner, we recommend using L brackets on the side walls so the Corner CT Alpha sits like a shelf. The Corner CT Alpha can also be mounted in the wall-to-ceiling corners using four L brackets: two placed on the ceiling and two placed on the wall to hold the Corner CT Alpha into place.


    • Designed to fit in any corner
    • highly attractive, modern, decorative Alpha Plate available in beech wood veneer, black veneer, or white veneer
    • Caps available in two standard colors. White tops on light fabric bass traps; black tops on all other standard colors.
    • standard size: 1200mm tall x 595mm front
    • weight: 6 kgs
    • available in 9 standard Camira Cara fabric colors
    • additional Camira Cara and Camira Lucia fabric choices available
    • employs ECOSE® technology absorption material.




    Salford Test Results Corner CT Alpha Bass Trap


    The tests were carried out in the large reverberation room at the University of Salford (Manchester England). The room has been designed with hard surfaces and non-parallel walls to give long empty room reverberation times with uniform decays.