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Custom Wooden Stands and Metal Stands

Custom Wooden Stands and Metal Stands

If you do not wish to mount your panel to the wall and prefer that it be free standing, two great options are our custom wooden stands or metal stands.


The metal stands are modern, contemporary and powder coated for greater durability.  Complete your GIK Acoustics order with our free-standing Custom Metal Stands.  Looks great and provides flexibility!

Custom Wooden Stands


GIK Acoustics is aware of the ash dieback issue in Europe. As part of our commitment to using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, our wooden stands are now manufactured using ash wood from the USA.


Feet Span – 305mm
Distance panel sits from wall – 75mm
Overall height of stand – 1075mm
Height Panel raised – 300mm, 400mm or 500mm options


Metal / Wood Stands

Feet Span – 330mm
Distance panel sits from wall – 120mm
Overall height of stand – 1085mm
Height Panel raised – 310mm