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Freestanding Acoustic Panel (Gobo)

Freestanding Acoustic Panel (Gobo)

The GIK Acoustics FreeStand Acoustic Panel© is an acoustic gobo – a movable acoustic panel – and is ideal for any room where wall mounted panels cannot be used or for rooms with multiple purposes. The acoustic gobo covers 1465mm of vertical wall space making it an ideal solution for early reflection points or helping to control over all ambiance in a room.


For listening rooms, control rooms and home theaters, acoustic gobos are a stylish solution when used in front of doors and windows.  For recording studios, the freestanding acoustic panels can be used around drums or amps.


Simply place the free standing acoustic panels wherever you need them in the room. When placed against the wall, the supports leave a 100mm gap between the FreeStand Acoustic Panel and the wall, which increases low end absorption.



    Full FreeStand Acoustic Panel Report
    Comparison Chart between Freestand Acoustic Panel (2″) and Bass Trap (4″)

    As part of their internationally renowned acoustics measurement facility, the University of Salford’s Acoustic Test & Calibration Laboratory provides an independent, service for acoustic consultancies, local authorities, construction, product design and other acoustic-related industries.


    CORE Rigid rock mineral wool provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products.

    Thin 50mm profile

    WEIGHT 5kg
    NRC 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)

    Class A fire rated

    ECOSE® technology absorption material

    Purebond formaldehyde-free technology

    Quality hand-made construction and craftsmanship

    Stainless steel supports


    600mm x 1465mm x 50mm

    Custom sizes available


    GIK Acoustics FreeStand Acoustic Panels© are gobos (portable acoustic panels) and can be ideal as studio gobos. A portable acoustic panel can be used to improve the sound of a multipurpose room where wall mounted panels cannot be used.


    When placed against the wall, the supports leave a 100mm gap between the free standing sound absorbing panels and the wall, which increases low end absorption.


    Consider arranging the movable acoustic panels around a studio for different recording setups. Since they are portable, you can store the standing acoustic panels away out of sight when not in use