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FreeStanding Bass Trap

FreeStanding Bass Trap

The GIK Acoustics FreeStand Bass Trap is ideal for any room where wall mounted bass traps cannot be used or for rooms with multiple purposes.


The FreeStand Bass Trap covers 1465mm of vertical wall space making it ideal to straddle corners. When placed against the wall, the supports leave a 100mm gap between the FreeStand Bass Trap and the wall, which increases low end absorption.


The FreeStand Bass Trap comes with two stainless steel supports (or “feet”) which are easy to install.  Simply place the FreeStand Bass Trap wherever you need it in the room.  Move it around, use it anywhere and then store it away out of sight when not in use.



    • Free standing, movable bass trap with a sleek, modern looking design
    • Stainless steel supports
    • Easy to store
    • Standard dimensions: 600mm x 1465mm *Updated Size*
    • 100mm Standard weight: 10kg
    • Also available in a thin 50mm profile as an absorption panel. Visit our FreeStand Acoustic Panel page for more information.
    • Can be custom sized to fit your specifications
    • Available in 9 standard GIK Acoustics Camira Cara fabric colors
    • Additional Camira Cara or Camira Lucia fabric choices available
    •  employs ECOSE® technology absorption material