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Soffit Bass Trap

Soffit Bass Trap

The Soffit Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology is our most effective bass trap, making it much easier to mix in a control room or recording studio, and making a substantial improvement in home theater acoustics.


Like all GIK Acoustics bass traps, was lab tested at the prestigious Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory and showed to have true effects at 50 Hz and below. It is over 50% more effective from 40 Hz to 100 Hz than even our best selling bass trap, the GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap ©. The Soffit Bass Trap© has been effectively designed to absorb more low end; but also does an excellent job of absorbing the high end, creating smooth sound absorption from 40 Hz to 5,000 Hz. Installing our Soffit Bass Traps© will help balance the room response and decay times.


Studio Acoustics


Our Soffit Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology is our most substantial bass trap panel and the best bass trap for placement options, raising the bar for bass traps and measuring 413mm of bass trap thickness. The shape of the bass trap allows it to be used in multiple orientations and quantities to absorb as much bass as possible, making it the ideal solution and industry standard for optimal home theater acoustics and studio acoustics.


Packed one per box.


    CORE Soffit Trap Thickness and Rigid rock mineral wool provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products.

    Patented design utilizes a two-frame system and built-in air gap which increases low end absorption with 3 options:

    • Full Range – without a membrane, bass traps are broadband
    • Range Limiter – with a membrane, bass traps absorb even lower frequencies while the membrane has less effect absorbing upper frequencies
    • Scatter Plate – Optional built-in Scatter Plate for an even balance of absorption, diffusion, and scattering

    GIK Acoustics was awarded US Pat. 9,091,060 which encompasses our proprietary FlexRange Technology (FRT) membrane system.  Backed by research, development and testing, FlexRange Technology encompasses our proprietary bass trap design while offering customers a true choice to control the frequency range that’s absorbed. Without a membrane, bass traps are broadband.  With a membrane, bass traps absorb even lower frequencies while the membrane has less effect absorbing upper frequencies.

    • Full Range – The Full Range option is broadband in nature maximizing low end and upper frequencies to give a true broadband range of absorption. Full Range is an excellent option at controlling low end frequencies and is the preferred choice for early reflection points or when upper frequencies need 100% absorption.
    • Range Limiter – The second option has a built-in frequency range limiter. This option includes a membrane system which starts absorbing at a lower frequency but also has a cut off starting around 400Hz. Using the Range Limiter option ensures maximum low end absorption while retaining nearly 100% of the upper frequencies within your room. Ideally used when no upper frequency absorption is required/desired. The Range Limiter option is an ideal solution to make a small room sound larger, keeping life within the room.

    1215mm x 413mm x 413mm

    Custom sizes available. Contact us.

    WEIGHT 11 kg
    NRC 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)

    Class A fire rated – Click HERE for Fire Rating test results

    ECOSE ® technology absorption material

    Purebond formaldehyde-free technology

    Quality hand-made construction and craftsmanship