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Sound Isolation & Vibration Damping


Airborne sound insulation for light constructions with sheet metal, plasterboard, bricks, plastic sheets, wood, HVAC ducting, pipes etc, or as suspended insulating curtains with the appropriate support.


Impact sound insulation for Applications like doors, floating floors, partition walls, machine enclosures, vehicle floors, etc.


Vibration damping of metal sheets, plastic sheets, HVAC ducting, drain pipes, vehicle walls and floors, etc.


Price is per box containing 48 Square Meters. This is sufficient to treat all 4 walls of a 15ft x 10ft x 10 ft room.


    • Can be applied on any surface – either flat or curved. 
    • No special tools for handling & installation.
    • Can be cut in any size and shape with utility knife or scissor.
    • Can be applied with synthetic rubber adhesive.


    Please refer to below drawings for more information:


    Sound Tight Basic Partition 3MM.pdf

    Sound Tight Basic Partition 6MM.pdf

    Sound Tight Double Assembly 3MM.pdf

    Sound Tight Double Assembly 6MM.pdf

    Sound Tight Staggered Assembly 3MM.pdf

    Sound Tight Staggered Assembly 6MM.pdf


    Thickness STC Rating* Density Weight per SQM
    3mm 28 2.0 6 Kgs
    6mm 32 2.0 12 Kgs


    *Stand Alone STC Ratings under laboratory test conditions.


    Product is shipped in rolls of 1200mm width x 10 meter long rolls in amount depending on amount of SQM ordered.


    Custom made premium fire resistant material with flame retardants can be requested on order.



    Impact sound damping for applications like doors, floating floors, partition walls, machine enclosures, vehicle floors, carpet or wooden flooring underlay etc.


    Can be used for cost effective large scale commercial projects to reduce sound transfer between spaces by increasing the STC of applied surface.


    Store in a cool dry place away from all sort of oils, acids & alkalis. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


    Use the material with FIFO ( Fist In First Out ) method after opening the packaging.


    Store rolls in Vertical Orientation. Do not pile up rolls in horizontal state. Store between temperature 20 & 40 deg. C.

48 Square meters