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VISO Booth (Portable Vocal ISOlation Booth)

VISO Booth (Portable Vocal ISOlation Booth)

Perfect for singers, songwriters, voice actors, voice-over artists, YouTube content creators, and podcasters looking to significantly improve recording quality. The slim and lightweight design makes the VISO Booth versatile enough to take with you anywhere, and adds aesthetic to any environment.


    Our VISO Booth (Vocal Isolation Booth) is the perfect solution for voice-over artists, singers, voice actors, Podcasters, and YouTubers. The VISO booth isolates vocals from the room, reducing the need to fix problems in post production and giving you a more professional sound more quickly and with less frustration.

    Use the Acoustic Vocal Isolation Booth to conveniently record studio-quality vocal tracks or voice-overs wherever you are working.

    Vocal shields also known as isolation shields are typically sold as attachable units that are too small to block a significant amount of the overall room noise and room tone. The design of our vocal booth ensures a large enough absorption area around the microphone coupled with high performance rigid rock wool to eliminate the tone or noise captured from within the room effectively.

    The VISO booth by itself is enough to make a huge improvement by itself, but it can also be part of an overall treatment strategy for your studio if even better results are required. Getting a great sound in the room reduces the need to buy more expensive equipment. Once the room acoustics are right you can get great results with simple gear.



    • Portable – the VISO booth can be used in any environment
    • Compatible – it’s easy to install on a standard 1.5cm straight microphone stand. Mic stand not included.
    • Versatile – it can be used on a desktop (used without stand on desktop).
    • Expertly Designed –  It uses the same high-quality rigid rock wool core used in our patented room treatments, where others use thin foam which does not absorb the same troublesome low-mid frequencies.
    • Effective – There is plenty of absorption surface area for effective low-mid absorption to reduce boominess or muddiness in your recordings.
    • Affordable – It’s a great solution for anyone looking to improve their vocal recordings, and it works in conjunction with our acoustic treatments for even better results.
    • Standard size – Two 42cm x 29.2cm x 3.8cm panels joined to form 411.4cm triangular area
    • Weight: 4.5kg
    • Class A fire rated – Click HERE for Fire Rating test results