he GIK Acoustics Scopus Tuned Membrane Bass Trap takes low end control to new level with maximum targeted absorption using a membrane design with an air tight chamber. Think of them like a drum in reverse. When you strike a drum, it makes a sound based on the mass of the head and the size and depth of the drum body. In the Scopus Tuned Membrane Bass Trap, the sound strikes the ‘head’ and causes the membrane to move, absorbing the energy based on the mass of the membrane and the depth of the sealed cavity.

Unlike a Helmholtz resonator which has a narrow range of absorption, the Scopus Tuned Membrane Bass Trap has a broad absorption frequency range from 35Hz to 125Hz. Center frequencies are 40Hz (T40), 70Hz (T70), and 100Hz (T100). It is a perfect addition to rooms that already have broadband control, but still require targeted control without absorbing above 125Hz.

GIK Acoustics also offers the option to build the Scopus Tuned Membrane Bass Trap to target whatever center frequency is required for your needs (please email or call for pricing). For professional, targeted bass control, look no further than the GIK Acoustics Scopus Tuned Membrane Trap series.



Scopus Bass Trap sizes


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